Venting Frustrations

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Sure, you clean out your dryer’s lint trap between every load. (Right?!) But do you know when your dryer vent was last cleaned?

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), clogged or blocked dryer vents cause 18,000 structure fires a year in the United States. Dozens of deaths, hundreds of injuries and over $100M in property loss are also attributed to dryer vent fires each year.

About 40% of the lint from your laundry goes up and out your dryer vent. The longer the accumulation of lint goes unchecked, the more of a fire hazard it becomes. And because the majority of the vent is enclosed in walls, floors or attics, a fire that starts there generally won’t trigger a smoke alarm for awhile.

Another reason to have your vents cleaned? The efficiency of your dryer.  If you’re having to run your clothes through the dryer more than once to get them dry, odds are it’s your vent that’s the problem, not your dryer. Each 50-60 minute dryer cycle costs about 70 cents to run. That money and frustration add up!

Don't wait. Call Craig at 629-202-0529 and schedule an appointment to have your dryer vent cleaned out.

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